Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16, 2006 VBlog

I've been kind of bored with blogging lately. My camera crapped out so I was losing the photographic inspirations that make blogging interesting.  Additionally, home time and work time has increased, especially with the onset of winter. I still got wood to move and attic insulation to lay out (today). So, since that I have the day off I thought I'd give something different a try.  Plus I want to add more things for my family to see and also leave behind some candid recordings to add to the original intent of this blog, journal.

My early morning vBlog for today:



  1. haha loves it; yah that whole situation was crazy. when i was growing up, i knew better than to hide like that to prevent getting in trouble b/c I knew if I were found, I would get in EVEN MORE trouble! lol some think it was just a publicity stunt for the guy to get some attention.

  2. i thought i put a comment on here already. well. i seem unable to put a comment on your site while at work.


    ok good vblog. I will have to figure out how to do that, it will certainly stream line my process. ;)

    and yeah. that whole thing with the kid seems fishy. good to hear your baaahhhston accent;)

  3. Oh Joe, this is like having coffee with Morning Joe... only I like you WAY MORE than Joe Scarborough!

    I vote for you to take over his morning show.


  4. Hi Joe,
    Hey, that's a new experience :) It's nice to hear your voice.That gives a new dimension of Geology Joe for all of us who just read

    The balloon boy story is really a bust; it was ridiculous !

    Have a great day ;)

  5. And I hope that's the last I hear about that story!

    I've been bored with blogging lately, too, but I still enjoy reading .. and now this, a VBlog from Joe! Very cool.

    Having a rocking week.