Monday, November 30, 2009

On the Road

I pulled on to I-95 at 5:30am driving north.  The oranges, purples, pinks and blues started to brighten in the pre-dawn sky as the sun rose.  Near Benton, in a field on the right, four deer were feeding in a cut hayfield.  Their breath visible in the cold morning air. 

After nearly 4 hours I arrived at the job site and the task of removing gasoline contaminated soil began.  At 4 pm the sky was dark again, the work day done and 930 yards of soil had been removed.
Based on the number of service vehicles and trucks in the parking lot, my hotel choice was a popular one among others working in the same area.  At 5:15pm I was unpacked and it was time for a shit, shower and shave before heading out into the cold dark to track down some dinner in this small eastern Maine border town.
After a burger and some beers I returned to my room to check email and send notes back to the office. The free wi-fi signal offered by the hotel was weak so I found my self sitting near the door with the laptop propped up on the sink.  The bleak florescent lighting and asylum white walls, all reflecting in the sink mirror, cast a depressing aurora. 
I quickly finished my work and moved into bed;  5:30am would come fast, lucky for me the bedside alarm clock was already set for the right wake up time and tomorrow was Friday.


  1. excellent post Joe! Excellent ;)

  2. thanks. I didnt really take time to edit it and make it all english degree-y. I just wrote it with the images and day in my mind.

  3. Great story, Joe. Very evocative!

  4. your post reminds me of the times when i have to travel for work. sometimes it's lonely but other times i welcome the solitude. nice writing joe!