Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Maine: We'll Let You Smoke Pot, Just Don't be Gay

One result from the election this past Tuesday is that 53% of Mainers are homophoes. I think a lot of things about this:  it sends a sad message, people are so disturbed by the gay sex part of the issue that they are overlooking the intent, marriage is the proof of commitment that two people love each other. The people who were for overturning the law that out legislatures passed to legalize gay marriage are frightened. Afraid of what? I’m not sure...that their kids will be taught about gay marriage in school, who the fuck is taught about marriage in school?; i certainly was not, were you?
And there is another point, why do we have Legislatures making and passing (or not) laws, if every time one goes through, it gets kicked back to the citizens for a re-vote? We could save a ton of money and time in this State if we axed the whole legislature system and turned every decision to the citizens for voting...*whatever*.
This whole post could become rantish, boring and get TLDR so Ill shorten this up and come at this from another angle. I think we missed a good opportunity to increase sections of the economy. The wedding planners, cake makers, function halls, suit rentals, wedding dresses....all that money spent in/on weddings will never be accommodations, all of it. I'd venture to say millions per year in this state. Bye Bye. Then you have the divorce lawyers....they would likely have more work too.  I'm gonna guess this marriage issue will be back.
Now, the other vote issue that came up is the 59% of Mainers supported the medical marijuana proposal to expand availability...basically to create dispensaries.  Hummm...we'll let you smoke pot, but just don't be gay.   What a world.


  1. Dude, Mainers (at least the ones who voted) just don't like them stoned gay DUDES, if you know what I mean. I mean ... everyone ... EVERYONE ... mens and womenz ... adore gay women because they are like so awesomely hot in their skimpy Vicky's Secret lingerie and perfect airbrushed makeup all kissin' an feelin' each other up an stuff ... so frakkin' hot it makes most heterosexual menz wish they were hot lingerie lipstick lesbians! What's that? Most lesbians are NOT like Penthouse portrays them? Oh, that must only be those hot bisexual womenz I be talkin' about then. Whatever, the point is I am right ... if those type-o-Ladies were the poster children for gay marriage it would already be passed in every state of the Union. Them gay people just gotta figure out how to make it all look more sexy and hip and all will be well. Forget the economics, hell, forget the moral and humane thing to do. Just go for a better PR stance and marketing strategy and some kiss ass sexually hot photoshoots and it will all take care of itself. That means,keep Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen Degeneres and those freakish gay pride parades off the covers of them nasty gossipy celebrity mags and our gay brothers and sisters will have a much easier time of it.

  2. Ha ha Tony! I think you're on to something.

    Joe - well said. I wasn't taught about marriage in school, either, but what kills me is, even if "gay marriage" was "taught" in schools, it just goes to show what homophobes will do to keep their children in a little bubble of "a perfect world," where there is only one mommy and one daddy and nothing else. ARG.

    And the economics end of it, too, what a shame. I hope you're right that this will come up again. I mean, really.