Thursday, October 09, 2008

VPMilf - Real Doll

It was a couple of weeks ago that the dirty idea was spawned. It all started HERE with talk of the Sarah Palin school girl action figure.
Since, it is well known and clear that the Republican vice-presidentail candidate is:
she makes a great target.
So the step I took was not just to make any doll of Palin but the best one possible for a woman of her prowess and stature, a REAL DOLL (link NSFW)! In order to imagine what the result of such a doll would be I lifted and image from the Real Doll website (i hope thats cool with them, lemme know) and work my meager photoshop...i mean paint shop pro 4 skills, and this is how I see it:AYFKM! The sales would be through the roof. Especially, if those two managed to steal the election. Can you imagine the number of sick fucks that'd be like...
"Yeah, Im bangin' the Governor of Alaska...kindah"


  1. You did it! I'm proud of you, GeologyJoe... what a great American you are, indeed! Actually, I think the RealDoll version of Sarah Palin may be more exciting than the flesh and blood Ya Betcha Palin herself. At least the RealDoll will be more conversationally adept and politically correct.

  2. HAHAHAAAAA...oh boy, you better keep a close eye on that two-timin' ol' man, Cindy!!