Monday, October 27, 2008

MRI Experience

My wrists hurt. A fuckin' ton at times. For many years now. A while back (2 years) I mentioned it to my doctor, who mindlessly referred me to the sports med. people ,who again mindlessly advised me to exercise the muscles in my wrist and forearm. Have you seen my forearms? my father and brother they resemble THIS GUY. Really. There huge. Muscle strength is NOT the problem. Trust me.

Recently I mention it again to another of my doctors (Ah, HMOS, never see the same guy twice) and intelligently (finally a thinker and cyclist I might add) get referred to a hand/wrist specialist. Who then says 'I think you got ganglion cysts'. Scary sounding, i know. He says, 'we should set you up with an MRI.'Have you had an MRI? They stick you in a tube as loud as a electric clothes dryer with nothing but sneakers in it and say..' ok, don't move for the next 60 minutes...did you bring music?'
Of course I did. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon bitches!

After it's all said and done I ask for a copy of the MRI. Which I got by asking at least three people...'Can I get a copy of this?' Thinking of course the whole time, THIS WILL BE A GREAT POST. The image above is a cropped screen cap of one slice of my right wrist. Doya see that little bright spot on the right image? Thats a bag of fluid that hurts like a mother fuckah when I do...well, most anything.
So, now I now have confirmed scientific data of the problem and that it's not extreme enough to actually do anything. Sweet. I just live with the pain and know why I have it. whoop-dee-fuckin-doo. I wonder now how much the insurance company will fuck me for? the bill hasn't come in yet. But HEY, at least I got a good blog post. AM I RIGHT?

I write this post and the only knowledge I can pass on is: Live with the pain unless you got a huge bubble sticking out and Bring DSOM to your MRI, it'll put you in a mental mode like you just smoked a big fatty.

Peace and good health to you.

At the suggestion of a homeopathic doctor I have taken Alfalfa supplements as a 'cure'.   This is working for me.  When ever I feel the ache start up in my wrists (usually after a lot of bike riding) I will take 3 or 4 with a meal.  I will take them a few more times over the following couple of days. Some time I only need to take them once on one day. Other times for a couple of days in a row.  It seems to work for me and I don't have to endure days and even weeks of pain in my wrists.


  1. Bummer. I had an MRI on my ankle once. I didn't bring any music, but they had headphones there and asked me what station I wanted to listen to (WTOS of course). Believe it or not, even with all the noise, I fell asleep in the thing - lol. Whatever, it was a quick power nap.

    MRIs are exceptionally expensive. Insurance companies HATE it when Docs send people to them. Depending on what your deductible and co-insurance is you might be spending a pretty penny.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pain...hopefully they can take care of it soon!
    Ah yes, the MRI coffin. "You're not claustrophobic, are you?" (No).
    "What kind of music would you like?"
    (It doesn't matter, just not rap or country).
    "Don't move" (but what if I gotta sneeze?)
    Turned out to be lymph nodes under my chin. When I had surgery to remove them, they put the IV needle taped to my *HAND* and it fucking HURT!!!
    I cried, and they came and brought me something to add into the IV (which must've been what they used to knock me out because I felt relaxed right away, and I'll be damned if I remember anything after they shot me up with drugs LOL.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I'm sorry to hear about this.

    You are right about the MRI experience making a great post. I have not had one, and now I see what goes on...
    I don't envy you; 60 minutes in there !! But, it's for the right cause.
    Just hoping that you get the right treatment now to alleviate the pain.

    Wishing you healing, my friend.

  4. Darkside of the Moon in an MRI....Priceless.

    "Us and Them" must have been pretty trippy.

  5. thanks for the well wishes.

    Bruce the whole album was trippy. Luckily i know how to control my shit.

  6. The book method mentioned in the ganglion cyst link actually worked for me--except the procedure was easily performed by my spouse!

  7. Did you know that ganglion cysts are also called bible bumps?

    That's because when they grew large enough and protruded out from the wrist, a family member would WHOMP it with the thickest book in the house.

    A bible!

    So there ya go, a nurse's contribution to the thread.

    Have you tried using a brace or some such?

    What are they recommending?

    Just curious-

    Have you tried any ointments on this?

    Like tiger balm or capsasin (sp?) (if you use capsasin use gloves when applying it, it has hot chili peppers as one of the main ingredients. don't get it into your eyes or it will burn like a mofo)

    These are only temporary pain relief measures but, heck what else can you do at this point?

    okok enough nurse talk!!!

    Mrs. Hall

  8. via google search i did learn of the 'bible bump' reference. fortunately for me the cyst hasn't 'bubbled up' and we don't have a bible in the house i guess Ill have to use my Applied Hydrogeology book :p

    Actually, all that was recommended is that I do nothing. Ill pick up tiger balm and give it a shot. thx.

  9. seems to me, a little capacin in the eye will take the pain from your wrist

  10. Marty. is that like. 'ow my foot hurts.' then you wack me on the hand with a wooden spoon?

  11. i had a cyst in my hand....and yeah, i had friends smack it with bibles a few times...hurt like a *&^&%$....but not as badly as the dr's 'preferred' method of sticking a needle in it and withdrawing the fluid. i think it's ridiculous that they were willing to pay for an mri on you, but not pay to have the fluid aspirated.
    advice? get another dr.