Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Junk In My Trunk

Holly Hall put up a post today showing us the inside of her car trunk and I commented that the items in the trunk are an introspective of their life and that it sounded like a meme. So, with that, the tag was on and now I present to you my trunk:

First, its not a proper a trunk. It's an VW golf hatch back. The seats are in the down position to maximize space for the dogs, which only really means I can fit WAY more shit in there than I need to and have to empty it every weekend to take Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the trails. But any way in there is:
  • my fixed gear bike;
  • dog leashes;
  • jumper cables;
  • extra hat;
  • work field bag (hard hat, steel toe boots, extra warm clothes, rain coat, first aid kit, rock hammer, some tools and other crap);
  • and of course my Delorme Maine Atlas. (If you can't find it with this map. you deserve to be lost.)
There we have it. who to tag? meh, Ill let it ride.


  1. Cargo area of the Vibe is empty. (sorry!)

  2. Ill let it slide, you live in Hawaii where a 15 minute drive is like going from Boston to Buffalo and there is no need for the winter bag of emergency clothes.

  3. Technically, this can't apply to me. I don't drive a car on a regular basis. I have a Honda Scooter (Reflex) with a trunk under the seat, but my helmet is usually sorted in there.

    I have a 91 Lotus in the garage, which only sees the light of day maybe once a month when I fire it up to keep the engine lubricated. Trunk of that car (if you can call it that) only has a set of jumper cables in it.

  4. I cop out ; I don't have a trunk to junk up...
    But if you permit me Joe, that's not at all junk. More like necessities than junk !

  5. The reason I started to drive trucks 20+ years ago is because there are no trunks to fill and eventually have to clean.

  6. In my vehicle (Jeep Liberty) I have a roadside emergency bag, a tripod, a spotting scope, and collapsible cooler, hatchet, entrenching tool, a tarp, and a small survival kit.

  7. bruce: a scooter counts.
    barbra: everything i have is a necessity.
    sativa: just hose it out, eh?
    bobg: your like a boy scout. sweet.

  8. Our car never leaves the driveway without the Maine map, either. Other than jumper cables, a scraper, a very old medical emergency kit and a towel, my new Jeep Liberty stays pretty clean... The trunk gets filled with music gear on the weekends, though. Any new photos of your awesome dogs you can share?