Monday, October 20, 2008

MY World Journal Post (6)

Monday, September 27, 1971

My mother and father are two people ordinary in every aspect, but a couple that were unique together.
I can remember the joy my father gave us. Like his home made violin, why that damn thing fell apart more than it was whole, but he was never discouraged because he would conjure up his home made glue and clamps, put the violin together, tie it up with clothesline and he would then leave it to harden; like a month! If he got two days play from it, after all that trouble and patience, he would be very pleased.
That is one of many funny stories about this loveable man. (My whole family loved him deeply.)
He worked on one job for 39 years and he only took an afternoon off to become an American citizen. That day was about the happiest day of his life.


  1. I remember "Jadic" playing an invisible violin long after his homemade version disintegrated.
    He didn't speak much English but he was able to make an invisible violin speak volumes.

  2. I'm really happy that Grampy wrote this little bit of history for all of us. I don't think he realized what he was doing when he wrote it.

    Grampy quit school in 9th grade. He had a hard life of blue colar work. But, he was always happy and singing (great voice, do you remember him singing?)

    This writing that you are posting was his daily journal that his English Comp 1 teacher had given as an assignment. He wrote for 1 year, 2 semesters worth of journals.

    The story is touching and even though I've read his journals 100 times and I know what's coming, I still tear up. Grampy was a good writer.

    Too bad he had to die at the young age of 49.

    I'm glad that Lil'Guns will get to meet his Great Grampy through Grampy's journal entries.


  3. Again, these entries are just awesome. It is so refreshing to hear people praising their parents! So nice to hear these things. It is filled with positive energy!

    O-and yes, my lastest post make a very interesting meme!

    So, Tag your it Geo-Joe!


    What is the junk in your trunk?