Thursday, October 30, 2008

MY World Journal Post (8)

Continuation from yesterday.

Thursday: September 30, 1971

After I had fallen from the freight car my cousins helped me home. My sister Jacey (Helen) was home and asked my what had happened, I said, "please don't tell ma", and she said, "I promise I won't tell". With this reassurance, I began to tell her what had happened. Her reply was, "ma is going to kill you" - (at that time Jacey was 14 years old and I was 9) - I could always rely on her for protection and good counsel.
The first thing she did was put me to bed and make me as comfortable as she knew how to. By this time my left elbow was giving me a lot of pain. Jacey said, "Don't show your pain, ma is coming home and you'll get a beating". With this reminder, I bore the pain.
My mother came home and she asked why I was in bed, Jacey said, "He isn't feeling good, and I put him to bed".
I do not know how I endured the pain for 9 horrifying days. Each day it felt worse than the previous day. My mother suspected something was wrong with me and she asked if I was alright. I kept insisting everything was fine and went so far as to open and close the door with my fractured elbow.
After nine days of excruciating pain, I began to let my feelings be known and told my mother my arm hurt.

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