Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dogone Saturday

It's Saturday morning and the dogs are I are about to go on the 2 hour nature hike/walk over at Jamies Pond. Part of the family is comming up today so I had better get going and take the edge off the dogs energy.

In this pic they are with one of their favorite toys, 'the piggy'. its actually a ground hog with a grunting squeaker.

Addie on the left. Watson on the right. They are brother and sister but one year apart. Watson is older.


  1. your dogs are so cute! they have an interesting pattern on their faces. I want a dog but it will have to be much smaller--can't fit a big dog in my small NY apartment!

  2. Awwwww...they're CUTE! Hedgie too.
    I know exactly which toy you're talking about LOL
    You mean yours SHARE toys? My two have "yours" and "mine" toys. I guess if a toy has the others bad breath on it, the other ain't touchin' it

  3. Hey Joe, I just mentioned you in an interview, check it out!

  4. They are so beautiful Joe!
    Thanks for posting this new shot.
    Hope you got the edge of them in your walk.
    They look like very active kids!

  5. les chiens are beautiful...we used to get our golden retriever the hedge hog, but he'd spend the first 5 minutes just de-squeeking it and ripping it's eyes off, so no more. Hope you had a great time.

  6. Thanks Nubia for the mention. I joined Fuel because of it. :)

    The hike was great. Ran the dogs hard, saw some hunters, heard some shots (we had on our blaze orange). The usual October into November for us.

    Juicy, just like yours these two typically go right for the 'heart', then play with that and ditch the toy. It's probably similar to having more fun with the box than the toy.