Monday, October 13, 2008

Light-en it up.

Yesterday I was foolin' around with my digital camera and found that it can do 8 second exposures.
After it got dark I shut off the lights and set up the long exposure mode, practiced waving my arms around and took these pictures.

The left one I simply wrote my name, backwards in cursive using my cellphone.

The one to the right I just tried to outline my body using two small single LED book reading lights.

Fun with photography. Whaddyah think?


  1. Very clever... you are definitely related to me! I found this post fascinating. ;-)GoAS

  2. Nice! Have you ever seen the photo of Picasso making a minotaur with a long exposure camera and a flashlight? It's iconic, and your work reminded me of it. Nice blog!

  3. That's pretty neat, but I'd rather see pics of Lil'Guns! LOL :)
    ( on the brain here)

  4. Hi Joe,
    Very cool ...
    What until your little guy grows up a few years; you two are going to have fun :)

  5. Real men do 45 second exposures.....

  6. bruce if i could do 45, id do 45.