Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grafiti Art

Near my job place in Portland a local club allows some graffiti art on their back wall. These guys have some serious talent. Here is a small portion of the wall:
My critique would be to work on composure and structure. Less words and faces scattered all over the 'canvas' and more uniform themes would really make this art stand up. But what the fuck do I know?


  1. Awww man, the lack of composure and structure is a reflection of the artist's state of being, duuuuude.


  2. Looks good to me LOL.
    There is some kind of dull green little housing for wiring or something on a grass median dividing a busy stretch in and out of town. It had a spray painted cartoon rat on one wall. No ugly scribbles, no words or initials, just the rat. I thought it was kinda cute and it stayed that way for quite a while. I guess the city didn't think it was cute...eventually it got covered up.

  3. Yea.
    Oh and thanks for the featured video *(guitar duel).
    Hadn't seen that in a awhile!