Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mushroom Identification -deux

Found a really cool looking group of mushrooms in the yard recently. It only took me a 12 times to get the camera settings just right to get this good, upclose picture. For scale my finger segments are about 1 inch each.
What is it and can I eat it?

Here is a previous post on mushroom identification that I posted.


  1. Just try a top. If you get sick and puke - you can't eat it. If nothing happens - you can.

  2. It's been a banner season for mushrooms in my back fields this year, too! Really cool.
    (Being a geologists, you know that the mushroom is one giant spore growing under ground, right? Wildness under the earth.)
    No eating of the shrooms!

  3. ooooh! Find out what it is, it could be some good hallucinogenics!

  4. Nubia, one thing i do know is that those are not of the geneus psilocybe. if they were, i never would have told anyone ;p

  5. I am not sure what that mushroom is.

    But, Mr. Hall fancies this site:

    "What's That Bug?"

    There ya go, my contribution to this thread.



  6. Hi Joe,
    I don't know if it's the same in the US, but pharmacists in France can identify mushrooms ( due to the potential toxic qualities of some)
    In France, people commonly ask their pharmacist if they have a doubt on a species.
    It might sound dumb, but do you think that a pharmacist may be able to help ???

    Myself, I know zilch; I don't want to give you a bad bit of advice !

  7. I have a book somewhere that tells how to identify mushrooms. I remember taking the top off and putting it on white paper. You let it stay for a bit (can't remember how long) and the spors drop on the paper. Each mushroom is identified by the spore pattern.

    If I find the book, I'll send it to you.


  8. Gjoe - yah, guess you don't wanna get in trouble with the feds huh?! =)

  9. One more thing... Bacci used to peel the top skins off the mushrooms that we picked in the woods when we were kids. When we got home, she'd boil 'em into a mushroom soup. Best stuff ever... only thing is, Gram would never eat the soup!


  10. Joe,
    My father (your grandfather) use to break the top in half and put his tonge tip to it, if it was bitter it was bad.