Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This morning a got an idea. I wonder, since I spend about 2 hours on the road every day, lets try a little self promotion.

Who knows? it's just an experiment

I'm guessing that Ill get one hit at best and once the next storm rolls in, my window add will be erased.

So, did it work? Leave a comment if you saw me driving to or from Portland today. Or leave a comment with your thoughts.


  1. You just can't beat free advertisement. I'll have to try that !

  2. I saw it on my feed reader. Does that count?

  3. You commented on my blog. And I am still kind of sniffing around to see if you found out more info about the moosehead.

    so, sorry, not here because of the sign ;)

  4. lol - nice one, dude

    Might I suggest you start adding alt tags to your pictures. That might draw a few hits from people that google key terms and hit the google "images" search key. Also, rumor has it that the alt tags factor into regular search engine results and where you rank. Also, as we both learned in class, your site is not ADA compliant without them. ;-)

    Also, I finally hopped on the RSS bandwagon - I fed you.

    - D Dawg

  5. Nope, sorry. Already a GJ & LilGuns addict! :)

    But hey, I should try that with all the **RED DIRT** on my car LOL

  6. Love that pic...LilGuns means business! :O

  7. Just hold those wipers, hold those wipers! Hard to do in this weather, but what the hay, you must know the route by heart now.

  8. Hi Joe,
    I say "why not ??"
    Free promotion and advertising can't do anyone wrong...
    No snow where I'am, so I would need to put a sign inside our rear window...

    Happy holidays to you and your entire family.
    Take care and see you in 2009.

  9. great idea! i guess I'll have to sandwich board it on the subway--best alternative since I don't own a car!!