Monday, December 08, 2008

In Town

Walking about Portland over the past few days I have come across a couple of photo worthy images.
The first here is a really cool child playhouse that is being given away or something there was some little plaque on it, but i didn't really care what it said. I just wanted the photo.

Then on last Friday driving out of town at 4:30 pm or so the 'Time and Temp' building as it is know around here [ if you call 207 775-4321 you will get the correct time and temperature also it has a HUGE ass clock and temp on the roof visible from most of the city], had the whole building front lit up for the Make-a-wish foundation. It looked really cool. For the photo geeks i used my trusty samsung s860 digital camera with with an F-stop 2.8 and 1.5 second exposure held firm by my steering wheel.
Other than that, its really cold today. Booger freezing cold. Like -18 centigrade. Play nice and stay warm.

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  1. Sure is cold, man! Up here in the Boonies, forty miles or so from Portland, my thermometer said 0 yesterday morning and 2 this morning. Colder than the hinges of Hell! But it's now warming up: 7 degrees and counting. Good thing the price of oil has gone down (for now).