Monday, December 08, 2008

Parent-Parental Dilemas

I have made a difficult decision as a parent today and it actually doesn't have much to do with raising my son but making a better decision for both him and us.

How to tell GrandPa that comming to his house for Christmas is just a little unrealistic?
I have thought about this since Thanksgiving, when they were at our house. In years past (B.B. before baby) me, Wife and my brother would travel down for the day. Leave in the early morning, leave well after dark. Once comming back in such a snow storm that we were waylaid at the in-laws overnight.
This year after thinking through the logistics our normally 3 hour drive, we would be at least 5 hours traveling by car. Only to subject LilGuns to grandpa, grandma, auntie, uncle, greatgram, friends, family and on and on and on. And who knows what else. Then to drive home the following day. Ugh! no. no. no. Maybe if we were staying a week, it could work. But what normal person has that much vacation time? When do I get to make the decision to stay or go. THIS YEAR, thats when.
So I broke the news tonight and while Im sure it depressed him some, he took it well. I explained the whole thought process, thou im sure he didn't actually HEAR most of it. I'm sure his mind went right into 'the're not comming mode. poor me.' or somthing like that. Ah well, it's done. My stress over the whole thing is fading and hopefully next year Ill feel better about draggin' the boy into the City of Sin.
Blogging is good therapy sometimes. even if the whole world can read it...forever. Sorry for such a lame blog post but this is family crap and I feel that others experience similar issues and its good to share the pain.


  1. It makes perfect sense! You have to pack up the car with all of Lil'Guns diapers, wipes, extra clothes, baggies for the soils, stroller/portable bed, blankets, burp cloths, toys, etc. etc.
    Risk driving on ice and snow for an **overnighter**??!!
    Plus having to worry about the dogs' too.

    I thank DOG everyday that I have no in-laws!

  2. I suppose him coming to you is out of the question.

  3. Fortunately my parents pretty much understood and said something like, "when you have kids, people come to you." That was re-iterated by my sister.

    You have the right to start your own tradition now.

    - D

  4. Holidays are the toughest when it comes to the grandparents. Everyone wants a piece.

    The thing is, and maybe I am way too tired and not thinking straight, but, the thing is, you and Wife have to make the best choice for lil guns.

    I think the most irritating part of holiday family parties is how, when they get to be of running around crazy age, say 2 years, noone chases them around but the parents. These holiday parties are often about trying the kids safe in a totally un baby proof environment after a certain age. blah.

    I mean, first off, my mil and sil use to live in the same town, but they never found the time to baby sit.

    Then, THEN! Now that we live so far away, at least they can do is chase the kids while we partake in some old timey nog. But no, we end up chasing the kids and noone really spends any real time with the kids.

    So screw that. Wait, this post is about you not me ;)

    Chill out during Christmas. Make it special for you, wife and the wee guns. Ya'll have deserved it.



  5. Yea, what HH said!
    Good call for all.

  6. We posters need the right to write without the approval process. What is this blog, a test project for echelon?

    Who wants to form a slingshot thought comment writers union with me? C'mon - demand our right to write without fear of blog owner approval and persecution!


    - D

  7. Heff. They came up for Turkey day.

    D. I could have just rejected that comment. Actually, i keep comments under moderation to keep spam and stupid comments out.
    Get back to work!

  8. "I could have rejected that comment" - and therein lies the REAL issue - your need to cling to a sense of power.

    Everybody, say it with me now -"FREEEEEDOM!"