Thursday, December 04, 2008

Free Dirt

Maybe is a man thing. Maybe a geologist thing. Maybe a home owner thing.
Yesterday on her way out to walk the dogs and LilGuns she saw that the town guys were cleaning out the road side ditches. So she stopped and said "Hey if you guys need a place to put that, Ill take it. I live down there."
She got back home a while later and shortly thereafter the town truck pulls in the the driveway. "Where do you want it?"
So there it is. Two loads of about 8 yards each of mostly sand and gravel. I'm sure there are some rocks, leaves, sticks, and maybe even poison ivy roots just waiting for me to get into. This is probably the 3rd time we've got them to dump in our yard...and at about 125$ per 17 yards, it is well worth it to ask. and its GREAT material.
WTF do I do with it? is a good question.
Well, I use it, with a shovel and wheel barrel it gets distributed to all corners of the yard, filling in here and there, to make nice grassy level areas out of formerly un-useable, mosquito infested breeding grounds, etc.etc. Landscaping if you will. Plus, it is a nice little workout. Ill move a little before it freezes for the winter to make room for snow banks, but once spring comes Ill have it all move in a couple of weeks.
But getting is was all Wife. Im so proud.


  1. Good find, Mrs. GJ! But watch out for any creepy crawlies that might be hiding in there! I'd use elbow- lenth falcon gloves if I were you...just to be safe!

  2. wow color me dumbfounded.

    I had no idea. huh

    Well I am proud of Wife too!


    Although, she needs to pick out a name.Unless she likes just Wife


    Mrs. Hall

  3. Free dirt, rocks! haha...just a little Geo-humor!

  4. Oooh a Freebie !!
    Good going for the Mrs !
    Make good use out of it ;)

  5. You can always make use of gravel. Take what you can get.

  6. What a GREAT score!!!!! Way to go Mrs. GeoJoe.