Monday, December 29, 2008

2 10's

I feel like I need a t-shirt made: I survived Christmas 2008.
I was'nt that bad, really. Wifes parents came up for the usual Christmas eve dinner and drinking. That went well, although I learned, brown rice is a little tricky to cook. But "The chicken was good." *eyerolling* ugh!. Ok.
Thursday, my brother (Doc256) and his woman came up. After they arrived we decided that Ma and Steve should be over here too. So I call up Ma. "Ma. Come over. We're havin' a pahty. You don't even have to put your pants on." " I don't?!" she says. I guess the last part was the real kicker, they came over. We had a party. She actually decided to put pants on..."In case we broke down."
Saturday, Dad and B came up from Mass. and stayed the night. LilGuns received his first money envelope from his GreatGrammy. Two 10's!

Thanks boy, Ill need that for some beer. Now don't tell anyone.


  1. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas xxx

  2. You tell him LilGuns: "No way Daddyo...this is going right into my 529 account so I can be GeologyLilGuns, PhD." :D

  3. glad you survived christmas! i did too, luckily didn't have to travel far--only New Jersey! Glad Ma put some pants on...that might have been a little awkward, hehe

  4. yep it was all good.

    if LG gets PhD he'll have mom and dad beat, which is just fine with me.

    Nubia. i know that ma would have at least had on her longjohns. so that wouldn't have been too bad. mabye weird for my bro's lady. but for us...not so much. we've seen worse.