Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kinetic Cycle Trainer

I got Wife into cycling at the end of 2006. January 2007 rolls around and she is dyin' to keep riding and improve herself. So to make a long story short, we got a trainer. A Kinetic to be exact. {That's a picture of it to the left}

Well, we both have ridden the thing a lot. She much more than I. I prefer roads to hamster wheels and I have a fleet of bikes for the job. She just has the one and crappy snowy, wet roads are more of an issue for her.
So, she has been riding this thing during the off season like 3-6 times per week for and hour or so each time. Finally, something broke...well, broke is too hard a word, WORE OUT is more accurate. The threads on the L-bolt that keep tension on the wheel stripped. Too much loosening and re-tightening of the device...something we were recommended to do to keep tension off the wheel and device while not in use.

{This is the old L-bolt and knob}
Fortunately Kinetic has an AWESOME lifetime warranty. Wife called up Kinetic directly, described the problem and part on Wednesday afternoon. In the Saturday mail the new part had arrived. Only 3 DAYS!. Sweet.
I put the new part right in and she was on it a short while later. Lovin' it. And it was even more important this year because we currently have 42" of snow pack in the yard.

I would definitely recommend this trainer. The performance of the trainer is great and the customer service and response to our problem was super. If your interested, go to the Kinetic web site.

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  1. Hello Joe,
    I never have used a Kinetic training bike. I can easily imagine the advantages when your snowed in or it's raining too hard.
    It does help so much to have a good warrenty that comes with the product.