Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Peugeot re-build...an update

Back in June 2007 I put up a post of a Peugeot I picked up at a yard sale. The appearance of the bike was in pretty rough condition. I immediately stripped the off the parts, removed the bottom bracket and head set to leave myself with just a frame.

In August I picked up a wire wheel brush and stripped the frame down to bare steel. It took me about two hours.

September comes and I finally got around to painting the frame. I hung the frame by the head tube from a tree with a wire and began my first frame painting. I lightly sprayed two coats of flat gray primer over the whole bike. With time between each coat to dry. I then followed that up with two coats of a gray metallic spray paint. Again, letting each coat dry before applying the next. Finally I topped off that with two coats of a clear coating that was also came from rattle can. I gotta say I did a pretty fucking good job.

As you could probably tell I am not working quickly on this bike project and I still have the fork to strip and paint. Hopefully this summer I will have a new post to add about getting the bike completed.

Whaddya think so far?

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  1. You bike looks so much better than the bike I'm building. Probably because I'm not building a bike. ;)