Thursday, March 20, 2008

GeoEngineering: Soultion or Risk? 4

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GeoEngineering is without a doubt a very complex venture. I completely read each story, report or whathave you that I posted links to in the earlier posts. I have had time to think about them. In the end I think that it is like a game of billards. Imagine scientists represent the cue ball and geoengineering the 9 ball.

Here are some ideas and lines that stick in my head as I walk out of this cloud (pun intended) of a subject and on to a decision:

  • That, If we only combat global climate change by lowering atmospheric emissions we doomed to fail.
  • That, in 300-to 1000 years (+/- 300 years) Greenland will melt. Take a good look at that again...some time between NOW and .....whatever, the time scale dosen't matter after NOW.
  • The ocean level will rise between 35-45 feet. Think of how much real estate that is. Imagine NYC like Venice. And Venice it self will be gone.
  • New ecosystems will develop as water level rises.
  • That, scientists are claiming(my words) to have nearly 100% certainty of the result of each geoengineering method.
  • GeoEngineeing is really really cheap. For instance the Department of Defense budget for 2007 was $439.3 billion. Geo Engineering = between 0.30 -to- 1 billion. That is like less than 1/400th the cost.
  • Mt. Pinatubo eruption of sulfur dioxide gas gave us excellent data.
  • A tread lightly but continuously is the best method.
  • That there are a lot of balls on the table.
  • A Butterfly Effect is the biggest global risk.
  • The population in 2050 will be 9 Billion. It is about 6 billion now, another 33% to add.
  • People maybe getting ill from experimentation fallout. (lo street cred.)
  • Experiments will need to monitor and minimize human health exposures but that some exposure maybe inevitable in order to be effective at such a huge scale.
  • Ultimately, We are damned if we do
  • and damned if we don't.
Nature will take care of it self but that natural processes might not be best in consideration of the human factor. ...I feel like I have talked my self in a circle like a philosophical argument. Perhaps that is why they have of philosophy.
But I digress, as humans who want human life to continue on earth we have no choice...


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  1. Hi Joe,
    No, your concerns are not falling on deaf ears. Thank you for bringing them up.
    There is a lot to consider and ponder for the earth's future.

    The whole idea of rising sea levels and areas disapearing is freaky enough.
    Obviously, tomorrow is in our hands.