Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GeoEngineering: Soultion or Risk? 3

I really feel energized with this subject. I hope it's being read.
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In the Time Magazine cover article this week ("10 Ideas that are changing the world" -3-24-08) GeoEngineering was idea#6. In the hardcopy version they also present a time line:

1969 - Soviet Science. Russian Mikhail Budyko shows that the ice-albedo effect cools the earth.
1991- Natural Engineering. Mount Pinatubo erupts, releasing sulfur, which lowers world temps.
1997 Teller's Bombshell. Atomic scientist Edward Teller writes an editorial hyping geoengineering
2006- Nobel name-check. Paul Crutzen's paper pushes geoengineering into the mainstream.
2008- Funding the future. The geoengineering start-up Climos secures $3.5-million in initial funding.
2008- GeologyJoe is hired by the EPA to monitor the situation from his blog._O.K....so that one's a wish. I'm just seeing if you were paying attention.

In my previous post, I received a comment signed by David Schnare, PhD. So obviously I check him in Google...woah. Look here. I can't believe that I was able to catch his attention and elicit a comment. After further websearch I found a copy of his testimony on Climate Change that he gave to the United States Senate Committee on Environment and public works. I read the whole thing. Copy Here.
I next want to take a peak at RISK of geoengineeing projects. There seem to be quite a few but I will keep this discussion to the barium oxide (BaO) and aluminum mentioned in the videos posted earlier. They were mentioned as contaminants from suspected geoengineering experimentation. In a television news report they got a doctor to say the symptoms were: eye irritation, upper respiratory problems and nose bleeds.
  • What are the health effects of barium oxide exposure? (from a MSDS I found here.)
Causes irritation to the respiratory tract. Symptoms may include coughing, shortness of breath. May be absorbed into the bloodstream with symptoms similar to ingestion.
Eye Contact:
Causes irritation, redness, pain, and burns.
Chronic Exposure:
Chronic exposure may cause respiratory system effects.

What are the health effects of aluminum? source.
- Damage to the central nervous system
- Dementia
- Loss of memory
- Listlessness
- Severe trembling
In my NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards aluminum exposure symptoms are eye irritation, skin and respiratory symptoms.

So by my count that a possible yes to barium oxide exposure and a possible YES to aluminum exposure. Though aluminum could take long term exposure before health effects show and the BaO could also be from severe allergies.
We also do not know the degree of barium oxide and aluminum concentrations addressed in the video. An important piece of information.

**divergence**I am reminded of a Star Trek quote; something about the good of a few versus the good of many.

I will post my conclusions of my open-blog-thought process on geoengineering next.

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