Thursday, March 27, 2008

of Podcasts

Last summer while out cycling my wife found this mp3 player.

It's an innovage with 256k memory. as far as mp3 players goes it is LOW end and the reviews for it are suck city. but free is free and the 60$ or so it cost didn't come out of my wallet so that's good. I do feel a little sorry for the parents of the kid who lost it. I'm sure they paid for it. Just not enough to hunt down an owner.

So for the past year I have been using it to listen mostly to my own music. Stuff i ripped from CDs. Yeah, i still buy cds.
But recently I have started to put podcasts on it. I have been using the Digital Podcast web site to find things that may interest and entertain me during my lunch time walks.
I gotta say. Podcasts are pretty cool. I can see how city people and sub-way riders really benefit the most of these things. I find my self lost in the both the music and show I listen to, Occasionally talking out loud to myself in response to the show.
I find it is also good at helping you ignore bums asking you for spare change. Just keep on walking.......
For the time being this is my newest electronic device. and like I said, it only has like 256k of memory but for now I find it covers the bases. Perhaps one day I will crank up my inner nerd and go for the actual iPod.
But at the rate I usually do things I'm more likely to find another one.


  1. I have one of these that I have been quite happy with; 1G is enough for my needs, and it is small (about the size of a small box of matches) and priced right. Mine is black.

  2. You're still miles ahead of me Joe! Not only do I STILL not own an mp3 player (and still buy/burn CD's), I don't even own a damn cell phone!

    Someday, I hope to text.
    (Oh, and, yea for free stuff!)