Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cycle Trainers

so my wife calls me. 'HEY! guess what I'm borrowing? Two cycling trainers. and three Carmichale dvd training videos." Cool. so I get these yellow framed kinetic (i think) trainers set up and she tries it out first and got a really good work out. The next day I tried it out with we are in there spinning along and I was just overpowering the thing...after 30 mins i stopped. I was getting sweaty but just not really worked. On tuesday wife...

*sidebar* at this point wife is on a mission to find a trainer. i got her into cycling this year and I have created a monster. which is great! but its all classic wifey this is awesome i want all the equipment now. Of course it has taken me years to get the shit i have, but somehow she has almost everything by the end of her first season. anyway... *

on tuesday she went to the LBS (local bike shop) and managed to bring home (without purchasing it mind you, just borrowing) a different model Kinetic trainer , who the guy at the store..swore i would not be able to over power.

Well, he was right. I busted my gnads last night for 30 mins. I suspect it will be purchased by the end of the week and my abs will be ripped by the end of February.

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