Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Adult Ed.

My good friend the Ranger had the first Adult Ed. class on Dreamweaver last night. We arrive at the class room three minutes before 6 at the local high school and the faint reek of vomit hangs in the air. Oh yeah! Glad I don’t teach.

To say the class was painfully slow would be a drastic understatement. Two hours to introduce the class: what we will be doing, figure out what people in the class know about operating PCs...Blah, blah, blah…2.5 hours later I wanted to smack my self in the head with a large fish.

The saving grace is that I will be doing class with the Ranger. There is also one other guy who seems to be on our level, Ill call him Sappi.

Now I’m no PC whiz but I did grow up with computers to some extent. I understand file organization, some html code, and shit but other than the Ranger and Sappi we have a couple of older women with, IMO based on last nights class, limited knowledge of computing, and a dude Ill call Uni who probably surfs more net porn than Larry Flint, but that’s just speculation on my part.

Any way, I’m looking forward to learning the program, producing a good web page and hopefully be able to sell art work. So in the future keep your eyes out for :


And for those of you in the Portland, Maine area we will be showing the art at Breaking New Grounds on Exchange Street and possibly Zharra’s Monumental Coffee House just across from One City Center both in April 2007.

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