Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bent ride '07

So the weather-people are all excited about a snow storm finally coming. They have been jumping up and down about it for three days now. Give me a break already. Anyway, in a last ditch effort to ride before the snow really flies I squeezed in two rides actually. One on Friday during lunch. My usual loop up to falmouth and back.. -13.somthin' miles at about 18 mph avg.

Then on Saturday i took the 'bent out for a 27+ mile loop around the homelands. I tried to shoot some video footage with my helmet cam but i am having a problem with the download. Apparently, the PC isn't 'seeing' the files when I open the drive. The data is there, as evidenced from the reduced shoot time, but I cant see the files. I fear I may have damaged the video card some how.
But at least the ride was awesome. My legs were blasted. I had an avg. speed of 15.6 mph which is about right for that bike, considering the terrain. One day I need to bring this bike to a flat state somewhere mid-west. Maybe try the RAGBAI in the future.

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