Sunday, January 14, 2007


It is finally snowing. I have a feeling its going to stay around this time. So I got firewood into the house, picked up the dog toys and gave the snowblower a test run.

So i get the s'blower out. plug in the electric start and give it a crank.

whopwhopwhowhopwhhopwhhopwhowhopwhhwp pahh!
whopwhopwhowhopwhhopwhhopwhowhopwhhwp pahh!
hophwhopwhowhpwhopwhopwhophwopwhopwhop pahh!
whopwhopwhowhopwhhopwhhopwhowhopwhhwp pahh!

Humm. I pulled out the spark plug and see that there was no spark. shit. well I hope that NAPA is open. So fly up to Farmingdale, find a new plug and a little started fluid and get it all home.

Give a little spray with the fluid, put in the new plug and give it a go....

whopwhopwhowhopwhhopwhhopwhowhopwhhwp pahh!whopwhopwhowhopwhhopwhhopwhowhopwhhwp pahh!

Feeling like I just rasied Frankenstein from the dead I bellow into the neighboorhood...


Bring on the snow. I got a floating holiday to use tomorrow and a hankerin' to throw some snow.

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