Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Slingshot Thougts

I have had a few Slingshot Thoughts floating around in my head recently and I figure I got enough of them built up that it is time to let ‘em loose.

Regarding the economy and money

(1) To protect your 401 K, pull it all out and transfer it into Second Life’s Lindens. There is actually exchange rate kicking around and stock market. People are spending real money on virtual items ranging from horned helmets to property and homes. Since the whole community/ world is virtual it should somehow be shaded from the real world economy. Then take it all back out when the DJA swings up again.

(2) The US Treasury Department has been bitching about how expensive it has become to mint coins, Pennies especially. So how about we just out source the production of coins to China? We seem to be sending everything else that way, and if it costs less, it costs less. Right? However, I'm sure there must be some federal law to squash this brilliant idea.

President Elect Obama
First 2 weeks, speak with the leader of every nation on earth, even if just to say ‘Sup dude?’

A Mission to Mars
I think that as humans we must attempt this. To do it I think we send three identical ships with teams of experienced Navy sub-mariners to set up a colony. However, the first real step would be to have a working magnetic shield to protect them from deep space radiation. No need to send them there only to return looking like Morlocks.

That’s all for now.


  1. While I credit the Linden idea for its originality, it's not shaded from the real world economy, because people would opt to pay things like rent and food over horned helmets, thus deflating the value of a Linden.

    Pennies cost so much to produce because of the cost of copper. Copper prices are set on an international market. China would pay the same price for the materials.

    Mission to Mars? Very expensive. We have more important expenses at home. We gotta get the economy on track and build space weapons to defend against alien invaders - a serious threat. All of this "Mission to Mars" stuff is silly. We should focus on building a Death Star that can blow Mars away. Then we won't have to hear about this "Mission to Mars" stuff anymore. We could also use the Death Star as a money maker: "Blow up the planet of your choice for a mere 4 million."

    - Ranger Man

  2. i must be the only video game nerd in the world that has yet to try second life....

    i dunno.. i just get my fill of virtual living thru the sims the few times ive played it.

  3. Evidently, Obama should be seriously looking at placing you in his Cabinet, Secretary in charge of bizarre ideas that might pay off in the long run.

  4. bruce. iv'e always wanted a job like that.
    i accept. please tell mr. obama

  5. Hey, it's not "Mr. Obama"'s PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA! Wheeeeeee!
    Did anybody see Letterman last night? He said "can we let President-Elect Obama start the job early?" LOL

  6. Pennies are 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Zinc has been falling fairly steadily for the last 2 years. Pennies became more costly to produce than one cent in March 2008, when copper prices went over $3.75/lb. It is now at about $1.85.

    It would be cheaper to produce pennies in China, because labor is cheaper. Also, even when the price of copper goes back up, a lot of U.S. copper concentrate is sent to China for smelting, so once less step could be involved in the production of pennies. China wouldn't be buying the copper to make the pennies, we would. That price would be whatever the world price is at the time.

  7. I believe the US will engage the 'nuclear option' for stimulating the economy. This will drive down the US dollar to a penny in China, and you can get rid of all the coins!

    ps. first time I read your blog, and you are definitely grouchier than me!

  8. Harold. only time will tell.

    grouchy? oh come on. I like to rant a little bit but thats just about it.

    thanks. come back again.