Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joke Time (2)

Im tellin' ya Uncle Johnny was a proficient joke writer. I got posts for years. Here's another...slightly dated but still pretty funny.

Why is Kotex like the atom bomb?

It keeps the Reds in, the Poles out, and the French hungry.

Here's a bonus:

She was only a farmers daughter, but she couldn't keep her calves together.


  1. The first one is funny....took me a few seconds to figure it out.

  2. i love a good joke, here's a fun riddle I loved when I was a kid:

    "what stays in a corner but travels all around the world?"

    a stamp!

  3. Yeah, um, I still don't get the first one. But um, that's ok, no need to explain.

    Your uncle was some sort of mad genuis. seriously...



  4. Holly:
    Kotex, im sure you must know, is the menstration pad.
    Reds are: Russians or Blood.
    Poles are: Polish or penis'
    The French: well, i don't quite get that part either, but maybe is has to do with oral. i dont know.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Joe!


  6. Uncle Johnny could also throw his voice and do cat cries making me think my cat was stuck in the tree!

  7. Yes, I think it has to do with oral. Your Uncle Johnny must have been a fun guy. I've met a few people in life who do have a steady stream of jokes, so Uncle Johnny was one I never met. It takes a special knack and skill to keep people from being bored with too many jokes. The short ones are the best!