Monday, November 10, 2008

Milk Boobies

It was about 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon. I had just finished a trip to the dump and off loaded trash from the past month. Baby shit diapers, by the way, are surprisingly heavy. Here's a vid from August I made when I didnt have any recycling and had to 'go upta the landfill'. I love the dump.

Afterward I drove over to the Humong-o-mart needing some low cost dog bones and after dodging the blue-hairs in their silver ford escorts I found a parking spot. As I moved from the truck, I noticed a live .410 shotgun shell sitting on the light post base. Sketchy I think as I put the shell into my truck. But I did have the .40 on my hip so if some nutjob decided to make shit hit the fan I would have some good solid defense...and maybe a human shield or two. just kidding about the human shield.

I braved the crowds, dodged the stereotypes and vigilantly entered. As I strolled over to my section I saw them from a distance. A nice set of boobies in a low cut shirt giving me a cleavage show like no other. There they were. Then I look to her right and see the dad pushing a carriage with a small baby. I look back...Milk Boobies, nice. I crack a smile, I move on. Then two minutes later the exact same thing with another woman. What is the point of this? Nothing except the poetic statement that I text messaged to my brother and friends "I have a new love of breasts heavy with milk."


  1. interesting.... I cannot say anything at this point, just shaking my head...

  2. Just like when you was a little sucklin' yourself..

  3. kate, unfortunately my mom "didnt know what to do with those things".

  4. HAHAHAHAA!! ;)
    But what-no CLOTH diapers?! :O

  5. We have now seen what Joe likes to do for kicks ;)

    I wonder how long it takes a disposible diaper to "dispose" of itself??
    Me thinks a long long time....

  6. we're going to transition to cloth after LilGuns stops going through 10 changes a day and has a little bit more firm poo. plus we were given several packs, so we figured that we might as well use 'em up.

    I think a 'disposable' diaper has the same half-life as Uranium.

  7. At our old cottage dump, we had bears you could hit.

  8. That was a funny video of you in the dump. so funny.

    And I miss the nursing boobies. Seriously, it was nice being all playboy bunny size. Heck, it is half the reason I am looking forward to the next one. Plus, nursing tiny babies is just the absolute best. Hands down. Effing rocks!

    hee hee boobies!



  9. breast appreciation--is that an official holiday? It should be!

  10. Wow, so much fodder here, GeoJoe, that I don't know where to begin. I find it interesting that none of your commentors mentioned the fact that you finding a .410 shotgun shell in the parking lot of your local humungo-mart as being anything out of the ordinary. Add to that that you were packing heat yourself with that sexy glock on your hip and I don't believe you when you say you wouldn't use a human shield. Hell, Dude, grab a nearby homeless person or two and put them to good use (gasping for breath here). You bad bad boy!

    But I'm with you on protecting those Milk Boobies and what are a few convenient human shields if it means keeping yourself alive long enough to keep those Milk Boobies safe.

    Dump bombing (like your olympic discus form) is a well established and honored sport from days of old. I practiced it as a young man with aspirations of making the big time but life got in the way and tossing refuse at starving animals didn't carry the allure it once did for me. I used to try and hit cat-sized rats and junkyard dogs who had this strange foam all around their mouths. I would have loved to have been given a shot a big assed bear like Harold Asmis but I would settle for pinging one of them birds you were tossing at. You get extra points if you nip several with a single bag?

    Hey Nubia, if Breast Appreciation Day isn't an official holiday then we should make every day Breast Appreciation Day.... it would be almost as cool as having Christmas every day of the year but without the fat white-haired guys dressed in red and fur reeking of stale cigarettes and cheap gin frakkin' ringing those annoying bells at the humungo-mart.

    Oh, and GeoJoe you have officially fallen off the pedestal I had you on! With the landfill clogging disposable diapers confession you made I am forced to reconsider my image of you. I had always envisioned you as the man's man building shit, riding and building bikes, fixing things, playing with rocks in the great outdoors and being all goo goo da da with the baby and ... (shudder)... and I wanted to be just like you when I matured emotionally and earned my manly man wings. However, you are so ecologically and environmentally incorrect that I have faltered in my worship of your manliness and now see that you too are only all too human.

    What a wake up call.

    Thankfully, your gun toting dump bombing attitude as saved our friendship and I will continue to be a fan of Slingshot Thought.

  11. isnt it nice how big boobies can make the world come together, even if only for a little while?

  12. You managed to sqeeze in landfills, shotgun shells and milky boobs into one compact blog....BRILLIANT! Rambling, but brilliant

  13. ouch! tony that comment about being ecologically incorrect hurts.
    I figure that since I am cleaning up gasoline contaminated groundwater and drinking water everyday I'd get to slide a little bit.

    oh well. beware of false idols.. but i do/am usually "building shit, riding and building bikes, fixing things, playing with rocks in the great outdoors and being all goo goo da da with the baby"

    can I ever get back on your pedestal?

    Bruce: thanks. its a blog. they are all ramblings. that's of of the beauties of them.

    Slyde: id vote for boobs as a peace offering to terrorists. how could they resist?

  14. tony - *rolling eyes* - who cares about being on his pedestal?

    - D

  15. Tony~
    Where I am, they still find WWII era grenades in people's yards, sticks of dynamite, and other ordnance from the military (we do have an oceanful where they DUMPED it all too and it's sitting there rusting away, doing who knows what to the environment and endangered native species.)
    Depleted Uranium? Got that too!
    So no, nothing ceases to amaze me anymore.

  16. D, your on the same pedastal I am.

  17. "He who stands on a pedestal is bound to fall."

    - quote by D

    "I believe you should place a woman on a pedestal - high enough so you can look up her dress."

    - quote by Steve Martin

  18. DIH (Debi in Hawaii) ~ Sounds like when I used to live on Guam. It's amazing the old ordinance that is still laying around in the boonies and on beaches. Be careful out there and don't let GeoJoe anywhere near it or we will end up with a video of him blowing up something ... or someone. Hey, I love the guy but he scares the hell outta me sometimes with his macho manly manness and his lack of fear. Anywho who can chuck biohazardous baby poo like that is someone who has my respect and someone who I will keep an eye on... from a distance... even when he's not around his favorite dump trash bombing the local fauna.