Monday, January 05, 2009

Reading geology, snowshoeing and drinking wine

It was a fine weekend, indeed. I finished reading one of the greatest geology articles I have ever read. It summarized with some detail the history of the Rheic Ocean. I spent a couple of hours reading it because I wanted to really understand and follow it. But I now can I say I have some grasp on the subject. Wikipedia and the Science News Blog both had good information about the Rheic.

**update** I knew that once I got home I could find a link. HERE is the full article from GSA Today.

Saturday I opened an excellent bottle of cabernet sauvignon El Huique 2001 reserve from Chile. After I pulled the cork I notice that small 'wine diamonds' had formed on the inside. Wine diamonds are the crystal form of potassium bitartrate and from what I understand they help with the pH and help to stabilize fermentation. It was good.

Sunday the dogs and I went snowshoeing for an hour at our favorite place, Jamies Pond. There was no one else there and I did some jogging during the light 3 mile hike to get in some training in for my Trek Across Maine cycling trip.

Finally I would like to say Thank You to those that have donated some money towards my fundraising goals. I owe a couple of posts to Holly Hall and Tony for that. The ride is in June so there is plenty of time for others to help out. My donation page is HERE.


  1. Are people that donated getting posts in return? If so, could I get a post highlighting me two new sexy blogs? :-)
    - D

  2. D. yep. send me the links at my email.

  3. Hey... what about GoAS?

  4. Do you have a blog GoAS? Ill promote it. whats the link?

  5. I miss snowshoeing. One of the great things I used to do but don't do now that I'm living outside of Maine.
    I would have donated something but I'm poor. POOR! Lost my job the day after Christmas....

  6. That's a very nice photo of the wine. That's all for now.