Monday, January 26, 2009


Friday was interesting.
In college I was in a fraternity. At the time it was a new organization so there was a lot of chance for input and to leave deep marks. We did somewhere around 40 hours of community service each school year brought in new people every year and had a great time build memories and long term friends. Hell its even where I met Wife.
I joined 15 years ago. On Friday the newest group of 5 guys were initiated. They would have been 4 when I joined :S Now it's their turn. Our initiation does not involve paddles to the ass or jerking off donkeys. It's actually a formal ceremony that is the same at all chapters.
Rewind to December, the current active brothers starting adding/contacting the alumni via Facebook. Then the group email bullshitting, bantering, provoking and old stories started flowing. People starting adding. "Ill be there." "Im in" "Cant wait" "Remember when Thor F'd that fat chick." So,yeah, it started to get nasty...
Before you know it. 60 alumni are confirmed. HOW COULD I NOT GO?! I was in the first pledge class and had contributed quite a bit to that place. If anything I got to revisit my old house and see what has changed. Friday after work the 60 of us alums took over a small local bar for dinner and a pre-party before heading over to the house to visit the actives and new guys.
well not much has changed. It was like stepping into a fucking time machine The only real difference is that the place is more wired for the net. We just didn't have that in the mid 90's. Wifi didnt even exist, shit most web connections were still dial up. (gawd I sound old). Doors and windows are still broken. The floor is still covered in beer. All the couches still look like they came from the Gaza Strip and girls (some good some not so good) will still dance on top of what ever you place out there. Good Times.
In the end It was awesome to see my old friends. See old pictures that would ruin political careers. And see that the current actives are doing the same shit and making the same bonds I did and that the common tie that binds us as a group transcends time.

Have you been there?
Where you there?
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  1. What's even more funny is that, for most (not all), a few beers reverts your brain - it's easy to find yourself roaming the house as if you were 21 again....and doing things like breaking windows, etc.

  2. I was looking through some old college pictures the other day. Were we really that young, and tanned and beautiful? And how did we miss using that for world domination? Youth is wasted on the young. So true.

  3. Wow; wasen't that a blast from the past?!
    I never was a member of a sorority at my Uni, but I would see the pledges carrying around "silly objects", as a part of their initiation ( a ridculous basket for example, to carry all day through the campus).
    Though I did an honor society and we had a formal initiation.

    Of course behind the sillines are bonds & friendships. Nice of you all to have also included community service.

    Rock on ;)

  4. When I was in college (during the last century) I was a GDI (God Damn Independent). Didn't care much for the Frat scene, but we all have some sort of organization that brings us those memories. I suppose mine was the Crew (ROWING) team I was on, or my life as a military dependent (every Air Force base feels like home to me).

  5. good post. jealous of your frat days. god I was such a stiff at that age. all edgy and arty. so against so much, so rage against the machine.

    would have done me a world of good to drink beer and goofed off. Well at least I did service. There is no greater service than the service of others.

    still, I never had a drink until I was 25.

    good post.