Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview Expirement: Question One

Holly Hall got her self wrapped up in an interview experiment from BE Earl (i think, i don't research these things) and asked if anyone else would like to be interview. I took the bait, and now I have five posts to write. Which is good, I was kind of in a writing/posting slump.

Question One: HH asks 'How many states have you lived in?'

I have lived in Massachusetts. I was born there and we moved out when I was 14. Thank god.
We moved to Maine, where I currently live. I love it here. The variety of weather keeps you on your toes and it seems your always getting ready for the next winter, like a squirrel. We've got beautiful coasts, mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers, deep *deep* woodlands and high speed internet. Hell, we even got indoor plumbing.
I have also live in New York, upstate, but that was during grad school so it was only for 2 school seasons.


  1. Never been to Maine. I hear its great.

  2. That is it? Three states? All in New England? wow...I have lived in like 8 states....I must be a freak.

  3. yep. just three. moving sucks.

  4. NY, VT, ME and MA...with Maine and Vermont coming in as my least favorite.

  5. That didn't work right...I tried to say Maine and Vermont were my favorite and Massachusetts was/is the least liked.

  6. Hi Joe,
    I have only lived in 2 states;
    1 was born in CA, and lived there with my parents perhaps until I was 1 or a little older. Then, my Dad got his orders for HI ( yup, military) and we went.
    I lived there up until I left the islands as an adult.

    I have traveled to both ME and MA with my hubby. We assited in a fetival up near Portland in a small town named Biddeford. It was called the "French-American festival".