Wednesday, February 13, 2008

S'more Snow

I am lucky enough that on days that the weather is REALLY fierce I can 'work from home'. I put that phrase in quotes because I don't believe that everyone I work with actually 'works' when they stay at home during these weather events, but that is off topic.

Currently my work load is pretty light compared to normal so this was actually a good day for me to stay planted at the ranch, watch the woodpeckers and focus on clearing the driveway before the rain comes in and makes the snow good and heavy. I suspect that after tonight we are going to be left with an awesome blocky ice mess to deal with.
As of today the yard has 32" of base snowpack, plus the 7" or 8" that just fell. This has been a long winter with lots of snow. I am REALLY looking forward to Spring this year.

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