Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Paragliding Katahdin

Today Portland Press Herald ran an AP story about paraglider Christopher Kroot.
The the short version is that he paraglided off Mt. Katahdin on June 16, 2007 from an area know as the Tablelands. When he landed 40-minutes later the state police issued a 200$ ticket. He refused to pay because rules of the park did not specifically ban paragliding. Apparently any model craft, hot air balloon or hang gliding device of any kind are listed in the rule.
So when he got his day in court. He came out ahead.
Here is the you tube video:

The other funny part is that this guy is a GIS nerd at the Maine DEP. *Go state employees....throw caution to the wind, literally, and leap off Baxter Peak.*
[Kroot] has been told that Baxter State Park officials plan to revise the rules to ban paragliding, in addition to hang gliding
Of course it will be. But shouldn't there be some risks left for individuals to make? I say allow it. Register the fliers establish some guidelines and those who crash are responsible for the search and rescue costs. Simple.

Why has seemingly all personal responsibilities been taken away from us citizens?


  1. You make a good point. If someone wants to risk their life for an amazing adrenaline rush, they should have the freedom to do so!

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