Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is February 19, 2008 and I am crawling the webs, listening to the piano classical station on AccuRadio which is pretty good. I haven't used it as much as Slacker but on-line free music is all good.

And for your reading enjoyment I bring you- some random Slingshot Thoughts as I listen to Schumann Fantasie Op.17:

First: If I hear the phrase "Moving forward.." again I am going to scream and grunt. I'm in an office monkey for many days of the month and this phrase is WAY overused. When it is used, I think that it makes the person sound like they have less of a vocabulary. It becomes a weakened phrase. Suggestion, think of something else to say.

Secondly: Get Prepared to get additional fucking from oil companies. Early today a refinery in Big Spring, where ever the fuck that is..probably Texas, exploded. Fortunately only one man was injured and brought to a hospital. (source link) Anyway, so there goes some of the refinery capacity for a while. Gotta fix these things, dont'cha know? So, since the US runs so lean on capacity and since, Katrina everyone knows the refinery capacity in the US sucks,

Then to pile that shit higher and deeper (an ol'PhD joke) Fucking OPEC bastards will be reducing their production. So that pushed a barrel of oil today to $100.10. (Source link)
What do you think will happed at the pumps tomorrow? Yep. Expect to see gas up .25-30 cents by March.
Maybe I should get some heating oil tomorrow? hmm?

Third: I re-did my little SlingShot Thought Logo last night using the super powerful program Paint Shop Pro 4. Whadd'ya think?

Fourth: I would love to have a National NO CAR DAY. A day when no one is allowed to drive. Conduct it as part of a program to conserver fuel and discover alternative modes of transportation. Basically, I want to ride my bike to work by taking I295. I realize this is highly unlikely.

four's enough. and as they may say in L33T or on a car license plate... CUL8R

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