Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cycling Season 2008 Begins...for me anyway

FINALLY after a pathetic four month hiatus I have resumed cycling. Today was a beautiful sunny and crisp Sunday. No wind. Temps. were about 35 deg. F (~2 deg. C). The roads were sandy but mostly dry. And most importantly all the chores around the house were done. Fortunately I have the 8-speed KONA in 'rugged mode' and took it down into town to pick up some groceries.

I picked up mostly produce for tonights dinner, chicken soup. When I got home it weighed in at about 14 pounds. Which fit pretty nicely in the panniers and rack trunk. That reminds me of the ol' joke:
'Whats a hennway? 'Bout 3 pounds.'
Anyway, I was friggin' slow. 11.98 mile round trip. 1 hour 2 minutes. At least 15 minutes slower than during my summer peak. Thats only less than a 12 mph average. I should be at least at 15. Regardless of my 'less than peak' performance it felt great to get back out riding again.

This is all a part of trying to get and keep cycling into as much of my everyday routine as possible. Grocery gettin' is a good start. Commuting into work will start up again (prev. posts 1,2,3) so thats good.

*If any reader(s) is/are curious about how to incorporate cycling as exercise into your daily routine feel free to ask and I will write up a post based on questions. I would love to see more people out there pedaling from place to place like the Dutch.

But yeah today was like "w00000t w0000t"


  1. Your amazing Spider Man youtube video caught my eye, because of the still where it's paused at before you hit play. Pictured on the left is "Kraven" . . . "the Hunter." That guy was totally bad ass. He was totally PSYCHO, too. Which added to his badassness. I say "was" because he's gone. Blew his own brains out with a rifle in a Spider man comic. I just happen to have that issue.

    That was back in the day. I suspect people would have an uproard if someone published that in a comic today.


  2. I prefer to do all my cycling in the enclosed warmth of my own apartment. Much less freezing that way.

  3. The vid caught my eye as well as I have several of those early copies.

    I'm sure there is plenty in the ol' books that would get peoples panties in a bunch. I wish everyone would just calm the fuck down.

  4. It's so hard to cycle with a 3 year old...

  5. Hi Joe,
    Nice to see you ;)
    I'am glad for you that you can get back to your cycling. I had seen all the snow that fell in Maine vie Mard's photos.
    You guys had the works...

    Happy & safe cycling to you.

  6. SaraDevil...34 deg F isn't cold. In fact i worked up quite a sweat. Riding when it hits the that will put a chill in ya.

    GeoChick. The only thing I can recommend at this time about cycling with small ones is to try and use either the upright seat that attaches over the rear wheel, or the tag along trailers, which appear to be safer.

    Of course getting them used to the whole idea may be the real challenge.