Monday, August 20, 2007

Slingshot Thought -blog types-

Is it just me or are there more blogs about blogging blogs than there are actual interesting blogs to read? Which has led me to create a list. It seems that at some point, all blogging assholes end up making some kind of list. So here is mine:

Annoying Blogs

1)blogging blogs
2) marketing blogs
3)make money blogs. which is usually blogging about blogging, attaching links and blogging about making links. can you say "fuckiiiinng booooriiiinng"?
4)sell shit blogs.

Good Blogs

1)tech blogs
2)science blogs
3)personal blogs
4)blogs that actually pass information and ideas.

I had grandiose plans to make this post really interesting, add links etc., but I lost my steam. Whatever, my point stands.


  1. I think you ended up making it interesting anyway and agree with approximately 99.9999% of your thought process. Any greater agreement would be too spooky for me to even consider.

  2. Hi again Joe,
    Don't worry; I'am never going to be paid to blog or have adds. It's not for me.
    I tend to stick with the personal blogs. The techies are fine if I can understand the concepts; same for science.

    I follow you in your opinion.

    See ya soon.

  3. Right. I agree with that. Too much bloggity bloggity blogging on blogging.

  4. thats exctly what i think im tired of people joining my blog and spaming the shit outta me it gets old. Like i realy belive im going to get rich off that nonsense. I tried google adsense my wife and i wanted to see exctly what it was about that was a joke then i find out you cant take it off. Now that pissed me off.