Monday, August 06, 2007

MS 150 - Addendum

I figured I could get at least three posts out of this adventure. Maybe more, who knows? In my Day 1 post I mentioned a police report. Well here's that story:

As I was finishing up, coming down the final stretch. I could see the College entrance. A rider ahead of me was in the road making his left. The flagger was out waving him in. I moved to the left of the fog line(white line). Checked over my shoulder, didn't see anyone but the bikes behind me. Looking forward I signaled by dropping out my left hand when all of a sudden a red Chevy Impala comes whipping down the road (I could hear the car engine) blasts his horn at me. I'm thinking 'Fuck this guy" So I tried to keep position, I was turning left. His left car tires were over the yellow. As he forced his way pass me the rear view mirror hit my left forearm. I was PISSED! PISSED! ITALIAN PISSED! I started swearing like... unbelievable.
I didn't get knocked over. Thank God. I then took two or three good cranks to speed up and got the license plate number.

" I gut you, you muthahfuckah."

So I immediately went to an event organizer. Got the local sheriff involved and filled out a police report. One good thing is that I write a lot and I am observant and the leads to a superb written witness account. I found out there are two things this jackass can be summonsed for: reckless driving and driving within 3 feet of a cyclist. I have to get back in touch with the cop to remind him of that second offense, its a new law in Maine.

The car turned out to be a rental. Cops will have to do a little back tracking to get the driver. I wish bad karma on this guy. It was totally un-called for...He must have passed more then a dozen other cyclists along the stretch of road before me. Did he not see the big red MS signs? or the 20 other riders in the road? or the guy with the orange flag in the road with the yellow vest on? Ugh. I'm still racked with anger toward this guy. But now I'm just ranting....

Thanks for reading.


  1. Here's hoping they can find that guy. It sure was uncalled for and dangerous. Maybe he was an out-of-stater thinking he could get away with harassing your group or you in particular. Pretty disgusting alright.

  2. Damn! I am glad he didn't break your arm - or worse! What a freakin jerk he is... glad you had your wits about you to get his plate number. I generally lose all logical thought processing when incited to anger. I hope they nail his ass!

  3. Yeah, as I say, "Ya never have a bazooka when you need one." for dealing with idiot drivers.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Thank God you got out of that. But, I can TOTALLY understand your anger !!
    I walk everyday and I also have been victim to this type of selfeshness and lack of consideration for those on foot & on 2 wheel vehicles.

    You have a nice day and see you soon.

  5. There were other incidents during the same event. Im sure others there had brushes.

    "ROADS ARE MADE FOR CARS!" was yelled to my wife during the same event.

    *here's to wishing bad things on stupid people*