Monday, August 20, 2007

Lobby Rolls

I finally got the pics of the lobster rolls we made after that killah pahty. With 6 bugs we made 6 rolls. To say these were delicious would be a drastic understatement. I think I went into a lobster induced coma (my favorite kind) after chowing down. There are only 3.5 pictured here. I was feverishly plowing my first and half way through wife reminded me to snap a pic. *with mouth stuffed, mmm meezeah ah 'ood. mmm swallow, yeah picture-good call**

I probably would have ate them all if she didnt remind me. Then I'd have said to my self, 'shit, that'd had made a blogpost.' Well, luckily for the they are.

Recipe available upon request.


  1. oh you scurvy dog you!!! just you wait... i'm gonna get a picture of some mouth-watering treat and post it big as day just fer you! make you drool so bad you dehydrate and pass out on yer keyboard

  2. I knew at least you would comment to that...:)

  3. Yup, pretty yummy stuff. I love lobster meat but not the lobster.