Thursday, August 23, 2007

Got Milk?

During lunch time recently my 'high-noon journey' around the streets of Portland led me to one of my usual sit-n-watch spots at Tommy's Park.

"Well then, what do I see here?" I think strolling down the uneven brick sidewalk.
"Wanna free milk?" from a young woman in a light blue shirt.
"Why...YES I DO!" I proclaim.

I drank. It was yummy.

It was my lucky day. The 'Got Milk?' people were giving out free samples and taking 'milk moustache' photos. I wandered over to this little set up and ask the guy if i can get a copy emailed to me? He then showed me what you do get. A print copy which has web directions for viewing and download. I can go with that. So I get handed a little cup with a the secret 'milk moustache' recipe .

"The best way is to just put your lip in it and tip it back."
"Can I do a 'Hogan' 'stace?" I ask.

Guy then looks at me oddly as I just tip is back over my face. Dripping down either sides of my chin I say "Howz it?".

Guy takes picture.
Then hands me a napkin and told me to wipe the middle out.
So I did. There's the result -------------------->

I cropped the image a bit but NOTICE MY SWEET 'Hogan' MOUSTACHE. The milk was good. Too bad it wasn't really Cheryl Crow. "Hey baby! Yeah that's right...i ride a bike." ;)


  1. mmmmmm, Sheryl's tit . . . sorry, what did you say?

  2. Hi Joe,
    Well look at you... What a milk mustache that is !
    If I see you on the next milk campaign, I'll know where that came from.

    You take care.

  3. :D What a hoot!!! do believe that is the best milk mustache i have seen to date.