Monday, August 02, 2010

Kerekpar uzleti dolgok (part 2)

 The frame made it home in one piece in only about 7 days.  I unboxed it and brought it down to the basement shop.   First thing I did was re-attach the fork. Then clean it really well and inspect the whole thing.  I do not see any major problem.  I find some numbers stamped in the bottom bracket, that I believe are indicating frame size (54) and some short model numbers and/or year 95. I weighed it without the fork, 1,885 grams (4lbs 2.5 oz., includes headset and cartridge bearings). 
 Next was to use the great interwebz to learn more about this F. Moser with the 51.515 on the label, with real short chain stays and a frame routed rear brake cable portal in the top tube.  To start there are a couple of website stickered onto the stays:, the Moser company web site and a Hungarian bike web site.  Through those two sites plus other images appearing in google searches and ebay searches I am fairly comfortable in saying that the frame is the 'Leader AX' model, a light steel tubing, silver brazed, chromed under the paint, made for racing. The only thing that is not right is that originally the bike used a 'quill' style seat post and a previous owner had modified the post with a hole and cut to use a seat clamp.  Probably to reduce weight.  I don't know, but I do not think it will pose a problem.
It is currently at the shop and the building begins this week.  Ill list out the all the parts in the 'big reveal' post in a couple of weeks.