Wednesday, August 04, 2010

F. Moser buildup continued.

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Today I had my 3oclock appointment at Port City Bikes  (FB) with Peter and Percy to start the build up of my Moser Leader AX.  I had learned that the frame has taken a special spot on the wall for protection and perhaps admiration.  Regardless today it came down and Percy and I added parts while Peter order some additional items for it.  
Added today were: 
  •  2007 Campagnolo Record bottom bracket. 
  • 07' Campy Record crank. 53-39 with 11-23 in the rear.
  • 07' Campy Record rear deraileur
  • 07' Campy Chorus breaks
  • 07' Campy Record hubs were placed into the dropouts. The rims are due to arrive.
  • 10' Ritchey WCS seat post
It was a great experience again building up a bike from the frame. I had done it as a kid to get my 1986 RL Osborn General Pro, which I still have in my shed, 24 year later. I'm thinking the Moser will be around that long too and spending the money to build is will be worth it.
And hanging out in the shop cleaning parts and shootin' the shit about bikes, movies and with customers was pretty relaxing and a great way to skip work for two hours.  I am really looking forward now to seeing the remainder of the parts to come in.


  1. so cool! first, love the new site design. This post reminds me of a bike i just saw on the street called the Brompton--it's a fold-up bike and VERY expensive!

    I think i'll stick to my easily storable roller blades for now! =)

  2. Hi Joe, I came across your blog while researching for a fix to a problem that i am going through with the same frame that i have acquired recently. I see that you have the same slit and hole on the seat tube to use a seatpost clamp to tighten the seatpost. I was wondering, what seatpost that is exactly? The ritchey was alloy 400mm 27.2? and also if you have encountered any problems as far as your seatpost slipping etc? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    1. As you may be aware the frame originally was designed for a quill style seat post. yeah really. in the wisdom of a prior owner the post was cut down, a hole drilled and slot cut to allow for a clamp and updated (lighter) seat post.
      You are right that the Ritchey WCS seat post is a 27.2. The seat clamp is a Miche and I have had no problems whatsoever in the years I have been riding this bike since then.
      One reoccurring challenge has been tires. The frame will absolutely NOT accept anything greater than a 23c. Even some 23's are too big and cause rubbing on the underside of the rear break and fork. and by too big I mean height from the rim to the top of the tire.
      My chain stays are only 395mm. There is an indent on the rear of the seat tube for the tire clearance. Michillen LithIon are too big by 4mm. Conti grand prix4000 have been good as well as vittorias.
      Mine is such a sweet, sick whip. very racey. twitchy in the front end and has a high speed wobble when riding no hands above 22mph. but i love and and will never sell it.

    2. Hey Joe,
      Thank you so much for your quick response. Yeah seems like the prior owner of my frame has done the same thing too, probably to accommodate non-quill seat posts as they truly are rare and hard to find these days.
      I realized that your Ritchey seatpost is fairly long (^pictured above) and seems like it went down a good amount (according to the picture in your "Papa got new shoes" post), did you have any problems during the insertion of the seatpost? it seems that the Ritchey seatpost has gone down pass the rear seat stays quite possibly somewhere in the downtube? or please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, do you recall at all if your Ritchey seatpost was the 350mm or 400mm? Either way, I'm sure it shouldn't matter TOO much between the 2, but it seems like you have done pretty much what I think I'm going to have to do myself.
      Im sorry for asking so many questions, its just that I have this beautiful frame and would love to give it some justice. Thank you again.

    3. I am pretty sure it was 350mm in length.
      So how about a link to a picture of your frame/bike?

  3. Thank you for that info.

    I hope that link works. I hope to build it with Dura Ace 7400 group that I am currently running on a Columbus SLX frame but going to go with the WCS Ritchey White seatpost, given the white on the frame will go well together.