Friday, July 16, 2010

Went to Hungary

The Family had a fairly good trip to Budapest. I'll hold off on calling it a vacation because there was really no relaxing..  95% our time was spent going between family members houses, depending where we were staying. 
Even when we went out to Lake Velence you still have to deal with worrying about people stealing shit or where Sam was running off to, or holding a conversation with your wifes cousin. 
And it was so fucking hot the whole time. and no one has a god damn fan blowing, anywhere. I think electricity is really damn expensive or something.
Anyway, Ill stretch this out into a few posts to capture parts of it. I did manage to keep a handwritten day by day journal upto date.  That works out well and is something I have done in the past.  Not only do i keep a written log of the day but I keep tickets, receipts and other small papers in with it as mementos. 

In the picture above is the Kiss (pronounced Ki-sch) residence, Wifes grandparents.  Their property (~45 ft x 250ft). called in the family 'The Garden' has everything. Very self sufficient.  Cherries, loads of grapes, apples, apples, peaches, cabbage, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, garlic, onion, peppers, squash, kohlrabi, chickens, aloe, beans, and tons more.  It is jam packed with every bit of land growing something.  It the shit were to hit the fan, this is where you'd want to be, or at least have something equal.  The cellar under the house is a cold cellar.  Down here the wine and palinka is made and stored and the apples from last season were still perfect.  

And since you can access the wine right from the barrel in the cellar you might was well have some, even if it is only 8am.


  1. SHTF preparedness, eastern europe style, cool

    gonna emulate it at the Renda household?

    - D

  2. oh yeah. the solar shower, patio, chickens and grapevines are already on the plan.

  3. Totally awesome! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow, especially the little World Traveler.

  4. yeah. traveling with the wee toddlers, this is not relaxing so much, a test of wills, a test of sanity really.

    but, very awesome post and pix!!!

    Mr. Hall is doing stuff with the drainage, something about rain barrels and such. He really liked your photos of the drainage system-must be a guy thing :)

    but yes, homemade booze is the best booze :)

  5. wow, sounds like heaven. hope you are holding up okay without's hot as HELL here in NYC and I am so happy for my manmade cold air! As for the momemntos, my hubby and I do the same thing! Only problem is once we return home we forget about them and instead of putting them in albums they got stuck in the corner of a drawer! I hope you do something good with them.

  6. HH. sam traveled really well. the trick was messing with his sleeping schedule to match up long travel with nappy time. Rain barrels are great. Ill post more with the self-reliance theme.

    Hungary is NOT heaven. not even close.

  7. That seals it, I am moving to Hungary......

  8. Waiting for most posts with self-reliance theme, homeboy. Hmmmm, guest post over at my site? "Self-Reliance Hungary Style"

    - Ranger Man