Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Travel with George

Wife, LilGuns and Grandma had left for Hungary a full 10 days earlier than George and I.  He had to mind the Garage and get repairs done before leaving and I dont have that much vacation time.  So were left to travel together.  My dad picked us up and brought us to Logan airport. (Thanks Dad).  George and I then proceeded to get our tickets, check bags and all that wicked fun traveling shit.  Once we were through and found our gate we realized we had more than an hour to kill before boarding.  So we sat in at the nearest bar, order beers and watched the World Cup game.
 Six beers later (each) and after a quick pit stop, we glided over to our gate for boarding. 
Once we made it into the Charles DeGaule airport  in France and figured out what the hell to do there we managed to find our gate (Pict).  It was about 7:30am local time and George found a couple of 5% 0.5 liter Heineken cans to past the time before the flight to Budapest.
The flight to Hungary was relatively uninteresting except for the decent picture of the Alps I took from the plane window. The moral of the story is, if you can call it a moral, is when traveling with George be prepared to drink beers as many and often as possible.


  1. I like George... he has a happy face, he is always smiling; now I know why!

  2. Nothing wrong with that, no sir ree bob.

  3. Oh, and awesome Alps shot!

  4. Man, after drinking THAT MANY Heinies, you guys were probably pretty messed up !

  5. The way that guy is eyein' your Heinie I would be questioning his morals and intentions!

  6. um. I had a beer and half at dinner the other day, it came in those glasses. My gut ached for two days.

    so, how do I drink beer and not have this happen?