Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Word Dump on 01-01-08

Sunday it snowed. We got about 8 inches. Monday after I got home from work I cleared the driveway with the snowblower then started in on some beers. OBVIOUSLY.

Today Wife and I took the dogs snowshoeing over at Jamies Pond, a wildlife management are nearby. We spent about an hour walking thought some of the prettiest snow covered forest you have ever seen. I forgot my camera so that kind of sucks, but shit happens. Ill get a photo next weekend.

It is now Tuesday evening. Its only about 6pm but feels like 10. Would you believe that we are getting hammered with another round of snow? We are due for about 12 inches, give or take a few. Where in the fuck am I going to put all this snow? The driveway is going to start to get narrow.

Oh well. Thats life around here. The snowshoeing out back will be wicked awesome. Maybe I will take the dogs on a night hike tomorrow. Yeah. definitely.

Happy New Years.


  1. That snowshoeing you do around Jamies Pond sounds like fun. Well, in a week from now, if the weatherpeople are right and we hit 55F, we'll be wondering where to put all the water, except it'll put itself wherever it flows. Pray we don't get a mud season in January!

  2. I know, it's been wacky this year with the snow, hasn't it? And then, yesterday morning waking up and seeing it was -22 degrees! I didn't realize we lived in Antartica!

    Oh well, as my dad Seev always says, "you gotta be tough to live in maine!"

    Happy New Year to you GeoJoe!

  3. Happy Ne Year Joe,
    All the best to you for year 2008;
    Whilst the residents of Maine are digging out of snow, it's been ( so far rather mild at the 10-12°C range in Paris. With rain & not snow.
    Snow is becoming rare here in the plains; I think I have seen a sprinkling of it about 3 or 4 years ago.

    Stay warm and safe.