Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nat'l Geo Cover

I stumbled on to a site tonight that will upload your pic of choice to a magazine cover. Very Fun.

So using a pic from a hike Mt. Webester I did a couple years past I ended up with this:

You can pick from a number of different magazine covers, Vogue, Maxim, Rolling Stone -just to name a few. Its pretty fun. MAGMYPIC.

Other tales of my hiking madness can be read for: Maine Ice Storm of '98, Mt. Adams, Mt Katahdin, Mt. Meder.

I think I have others in the history as well. Ill try and get them up here.


  1. Cool pict! That's awesome! Can you post the link to that site? Thanks!

  2. Opps. yep i forgot the link. Its there now.