Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WoGE #61

Well it looks like I was first to identify Where on Google Earth #60 at the blog of Ron Schott.
Yeah for me. It also means that the responsibility of WoGE #61 falls to me. I chose this image because it looks gnarly and I would like to do a little hiking there. Though I doubt Ill ever get any closer than Google Earth can take me.

Here ya go. I tried to use a similar scale as the WoGE 60. Send comments if there are issues.
Schott Rule in effect. (Post time 09:45-EST, 10-16-07)


  1. N15.36°
    It's the Meidob volcanic field in western Sudan. More details here.
    Looks like a great place - at times when there is no genocide going on.

  2. Sheesh, did i make this too easy?

    Congrats zs, i look forward to seeing WoGE 62.

  3. . . . . errrrr . . . so you threw back some coldies up North, huh?

  4. btw, wtf is up with all of your new fans posting on your blog? You're a fucking star. Change your online name to Diamond Joe - fulfill your destiny!

  5. I think it was a great WoGE - I enjoyed finding it :). Actually Wikipedia was very helpful -- as soon as I looked up "volcanic field", it came up with a list of volcanic fields, most of them either in the US or Canada. There was one from Sudan, and your comment about the improbability of hiking there sent me directly to western Sudan.

    WoGE # 62 will be up soon.