Friday, October 26, 2007

'08 Tour de France

The course for the 2008 Tour de France has just be published. One interesting change this year is that time bonus' have been scrapped. This should create more equal finish times. Which will probably lead to frequent changes of the yellow jersey (overall leader). I nabbed this image of the route from velonews (who got it from
Here is the basic schedule:
  • Saturday, July 5 Stage 1, Brest to Plumelec (195km)
  • Sunday, July 6: Stage 2, Auray to St. Brieuc (165km)
  • Monday, July 7: Stage 3, St. Malo to Nantes (195km)
  • Tuesday, July 8: Stage 4: Cholet TT (29km)
  • Wednesday, July 9: Stage 5, Cholet to Châteauroux (230km)
  • Thursday, July 10: Stage 6, Aigurande to Super-Besse (195km)
  • Friday, July 11: Stage 7, Brioude to Aurillac (158km)
  • Saturday, July 12: Stage 8, Figeac to Toulouse (174km)
  • Sunday, July 13: Stage 9, Toulouse to Bagnères-de-Bigorre (222km)
  • Monday, July 14: Stage10, Pau to Hautacam (154km)
  • Tuesday, July 15: Rest day at Pau
  • Wednesday, July 16: Stage 11, Lannemezan to Foix (166km)
  • Thursday, July 17: Stage 12, Lavelanet to Narbonne (168km)
  • Friday, July 18: Stage 13, Narbonne to Nîmes (182km)
  • Saturday, July 19: Stage 14, Nîmes to Digne-les-Bains (182km)
  • Sunday, July 20: Stage 15, Digne-les-Bains to Prato Nevoso (216km)
  • Monday, July 21: Rest day at Cuneo
  • Tuesday, July 22: Stage 16, Cuneo to Jausiers (157km)
  • Wednesday, July 23: Stage 17, Embrun to L'Alpe d'Huez (210km)
  • Thursday, July 24: Stage 18, Bourg d'Oisans to St. Étienne (197km)
  • Friday, July 25: Stage 19, Roanne to Montluçon (163km)
  • Saturday, July 26: Stage 20, Cérilly to St. Amand-Montrond TT (53km)
  • Sunday, July 27: Stage 21, Étampes to Paris (Champs-Élysées) (143km)

Total distance: 3,554km -2,208 miles

If you are new to the sport the best days/stages to watch will be Stage 9, Stage 17 and Stage 21.

More info available: Here, Here, Here.


  1. Not a lot of transfers for '08. That is good for the riders! I wish that they would bring back TTT! Thanks for posting the route.

  2. Hi Joe,
    How are you ?
    Have you any plans for coming over to seeing the Tour de France?
    Life's weird; here I'am where they hold the event, but I have not been a single time to see it . I respect the sport, even if I'am not a fan.
    Anytime you would be coming on over for the action, let me know.
    A friend of Mard's is a friend of mine ;)

  3. Hi Barbara. My wife and I have only started throwing around the idea of heading to France for the TDF. It wont be this year, as we are going to Hungary to visit her family.

    I suspect that you have never been to see the TDF for the same reason why people who live in New York City never go to the Statue of Liberty.