Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Northern Maine Woods

I took a camping/ hunting scouting trip into a remote region of the Maine woods this past weekend. The Seboomook Region to be specific. While out one day searching for deer signs we came across this slate outcrop----->
45o 53.833N
69o 44.353W

Within the outcrop were some slight kinking, as can be seen in this photo and some pyrite clasts (pods). The pyrite I found occurred within the same bed indicating that chemical differences in sedimentary deposition were in play. But that is usually the case, no? Unfortunately I forgot my brunton back at camp, a stupid error on my part, so I was unable to log structural data like strike and dip of the bedding, trend/plunge of the kinking etc.

This region of geology is far enough away from the real tectonic action that little metamorphism has occurred. We explored along the east end of the lake. The interesting thing is that I found slate in an area that is mapped as sandstone with medium bedding. While that was true for where our camp site was located, a direction south east of out camp (roughly the #2 on the MGS figure to the left) is where I found the slate. Then again this figure to the left is just a generalized map.

I wanted to go check out the pillow lava at the west end of the lake but by the time that idea came around I was half way though an 18-pack of budweiser and lost my motivation to drive the woods roads. Next trip.

The Maine Geological Survey has this page with a really good description of the area geology.


  1. mmmmm, rocks

    so you threw back some coldies?

  2. Isn't that what a good geologist does?

    Rocks during the day and beers at night.

  3. Did you get hammered? Did you get rocked? Did you get stoned?

  4. Interestingly enough, when we revived the geology club that was the catch phrase on our tee-shirts.

    Get Hammered! Get Stoned! Get Rocked!

    It was definitely better than any other geo-club/dept t-slogan.

    This one had BALLS!

  5. Wow - great to meet another online marketer who is also a geologist!

  6. Thanks Net. But I don't consider myself a marketer, just a blogger.