Monday, May 22, 2006

Wedding and Wood

So on saturday wife and I attened a wedding. An old fraternity buddy. It was a pretty good time. I saw a few other of 'the brothers' whom I also haven't seen in quite a while. Guys I like, but just dont get to seeing anymore. Perhaps that will change. Anyway, the wedding was nice and short.
There was a fairly good live band, Dirty McGurdy. Ive never heard of them. All guys in their late 40's plus. The lead wore a full scottish kilted outfit.

The recorded music was comprised of what seemed to mostly be Neil Diamond. But I remember hearing Metallica and that wedding classic...Short Dick Man. Ya. Seemed out of place to me too, but hey, whatever.

The following day I was too hungover to ride. So I did yard work instead, which has been suffering at the expense of my riding. Oh well, you must have priorities. So I got the lawn mowed and started splitting and stacking some cord wood for the upcomming winter. Sometimes it seems like every spring, summer and fall is all preparation for the next winter. Like Im some demented squirrel, gathering wood so I can keep the house at 80 degrees from November to March.

Only about a cord to go and Ill be done for this year.

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